Regular Services, Weddings + Baptisms


8.00 am          Holy Communion
(traditional 1662 Book of Common Prayer service)

9.45 am

1st Sunday of the month:   All Age Communion

3rd Sunday of the month:   Parish Communion in church
Messy Church in Johnson Hall, 1Magog Way

All other Sundays:  Parish Communion in church
Crèche & Junior Church in the Johnson  Hall

5.30 pm

4th Sunday of the month during term: Connect
(informal contemporary youth-focussed service)

6.30 pm

1st  Sunday of the month: Evensong
(traditional 1662 Book of Common Prayer service)


Requests for baptisms and marriages should be made to the Revd Dr Simon Taylor QC

Vicarage 01223 840256   Mobile 07970 716163


Baptisms/Christenings customarily take place during the main Sunday service at 9.45am so that the newly baptised person, whether adult or child, can be appropriately welcomed into the family of the church. In very exceptional circumstances a private baptism can be arranged.

There is no charge for a baptism but donations to the church are greatly appreciated.

Here are some guidelines for those planning to get married at St.Andrew’s.

Banns of Marriage  To qualify to be married in the Parish of Stapleford, the law requires that at least one party be resident in the parish.  If neither party resides in the parish, it may be possible to be married at St Andrew’s if one party can demonstrate a ‘qualifying connection’ as defined in the Church of England Marriage Measure 2008.

Normally a marriage takes place after the reading of Banns on three successive Sundays at the main church service. If one of you resides in another parish, you must arrange with the vicar of that parish to have the banns read there as well.  He or she will then give you a certificate which must be given to the priest before the wedding can take place.
You do not need a civil licence for a church wedding.

Fees for weddings 2018  (please note prices may change without notice; to confirm please contact Church Wardens)

Marriage Service in church                                                                                  441.00

Verger                                                                                                                         50.00

Organist                                                                                                                      80.00

Choir                                                                                                                            85.00

Bells                                                                                                                            105.00

Publication of banns and                                                                                        29.00

Certificate of Banns if being married in another church                                 14.00

If you are hoping to get married at St Andrew’s, contact the Churchwardens in the first instance to arrange an interview.

Visit the Church of England website   You will find a wealth of information to help you plan your wedding on

Please note that any change in fees may not immediately be reflected in this website.