Meet our Priest

We were delighted to  welcome our new priest; licensed on Thursday the 3rd December 2015.

A message from Revd. Dr. Simon Taylor:

For both Lizzie and me the opportunity to move to the Cambridge area has something of a sense of coming home.

Simon n Lizzie TaylorI am a cockney by birth, but a north London boy by upbringing.   School was in Highgate, and then I went to Trinity College, Cambridge, studying Medicine to start with and then Law. Eventually I qualified in both. Having spent seven years as a student, it was time to decide between law and medicine, and although the law won through I could happily have done either. I now specialise in medical law and practise as a QC based in the Temple, London.

I am also a part-time criminal judge (Recorder).

Lizzie is an Aussie. She returned to the UK in her teens, living with family in Cambridge and also studying at Trinity College, Cambridge. Her degree in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, with History in her third year, led her first into theological publishing, then head-hunting, and then via an MBA into human resource management at BAA plc. After a career break to look after the children – Harry, Rosie and Izzi, who are now 21, 19 and 17 – Lizzie trained as a careers advisor, and works in two grammar schools in Kent. She also works on careers provision policy, social mobility and equality issues nationally, and is a director of Careers England.

Lizzie became a Christian in her late teens, but for me faith came much later, in my late 30s. I will tell the full story another time. It is enough to say that I became convinced that the rather weird story of the death and resurrection of Jesus is actually true and that it matters vitally to everyone. In time, and after taking first steps in theological study and preaching, I was accepted for ordination. I trained at the South East Institute for Theological Education, one of the Church of England theological colleges training ordinands in the South East. I then became the curate at St Philip’s in Tunbridge Wells, working part-time and unpaid, while continuing to earn a living from legal work.

I am really looking forward to starting at St Andrew’s. Just as I was during curacy, I will be part-time while working in my secular role. I can see that lots of people are involved in collaborating in all sorts of ways in the mission and ministry of St Andrew’s and long may that continue – it is a great strength, and something I will value enormously.

I come with the absolute conviction that everyone needs to hear about Jesus, to consider the implications of his death and resurrection for themselves, and to make up their own mind about the claims he makes. I love the Bible, and preaching and teaching, and the Church of England and its traditions. I know that God’s love expressed through Jesus is the great hope for the world, and want to be part of St Andrew’s as it continues to bring that hope vibrantly to Stapleford.

We look forward hugely to meeting and getting to know you all as the weeks and months go by.

Every blessing, Simon