Information for Visitors

p1011107b.jpgIf you are attending any of the services (Worship, Baptism, Wedding etc) at St Andrew’s  you may find the following information of use.


Car Parking.  While there is no car park at the church, on-street parking can usually be found along Mingle Lane and Gog Magog Way.  If however a much larger number of cars than normal have arrived AND it is outside normal school opening hours then parking can be found at the Stapleford Community Primary School.  Using this facility will involve a short walk to the church via the pedestrian pathway running alongside the school.

Toilets.  Available in the vestry and may be used at anytime during the service

Collection Plate.  During any service, including worship, we do not pass round a collection bag.  Instead those wishing to make a donation may place it on the collection plate to be found on the table on the right of the passageway leading directly across the church from the entrance.  Alternatively a wall safe can be found recessed in the wall immediately on the right as you enter from the porch.  If you are a UK taxpayer, Gift Aid envelopes are available (normally on or close to the table mentioned above).  Such donations are of course much appreciated!

Toys and Young Children.  Children are always very welcome at St Andrew’s.  However, if they need “entertaining” at any point there are toys in the Lady Chapel and young children are welcome to play here at any time during services.

Display Board.  IMG_9823bThis is used as a spiritual outreach to highlight the church year and events.  Mainly Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost and Ascension are reflected visually.  Community and world events are observed too.  IMG_9274b

Remembrance Day is always respectfully acknowledged and we thank the farmers at Harvest time.

IMG_8619b Christian Aid features annually to inform of needs far away.
The board provides a prayerful contribution and focus.IMG_8731b

Sometimes the children or congregation add thoughts, pictures or prayers.