Child Refugees Welcome Campaign

The Children’s Society has been supporting young refugees for years. In response to David Cameron’s announcement that the UK will accept thousands more Syrian refugees, Matthew Reed, the Chief Executive of The Children’s Society said:

‘There can be no compromise when it comes to offering sanctuary and support for children escaping war and persecution.’

Helping vulnerable children

Through work and direct practice The Children’s Society supports children who flee war and conflict, like those currently fleeing Syria and other dangerous areas. Our policy team also advocates for young refugees.

Our aim is to ensure that laws and policies help to keep young refugees and migrants safe and protect their rights as children, regardless of their immigration status or nationality.

Children’s best interests should be central to decisions made about them. This means making sure that they are healthy, have somewhere safe to live, have access to good quality legal support, are able to achieve in education and access out of school activities.

We are concerned about the lives of children separated from their families who don’t have a trusted adult looking after them as well as those migrant children still living with their families.

We make change by:

  • working with central and local government, parliamentarians and the voluntary sector to identify problems and solutions that support refugee and migrant children
  • working closely with our practitioners and researchers to ensure that the views of children and young people are heard by decision-makers.

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