Bishop of Masasi visit – 2013

On 19th and 20th January the Right Rev’d Patrick Mwachiko, Bishop Patrick at the Pulpitspent the whole weekend in Stapleford.

On Sunday the 20th January he preached at the 9:45am service.


Visit of Bishop Patrick of Masasi 20.01.2013 @ St.Andrews 015During the service a carving, designed and created in Nachingwea was donated to our church in memory of Michael Nurse.  At the presentation Bishop Patrick spoke these words.


Dedication of the Michael Nurse Commemoration PlaqueObed Pwirira, Chair of the St Andrew’s Nachingwea Link Committee sends greetings from St Andrew’s Nachingwea to all the Congregation of St Andrew’s Stapleford along with the following description of the carving:


Michael Nurse`s Commemoration Plaque“This piece of wood, from the Ebony tree, Black African Wood has been designed and donated by St Andrew’s Nachingwea Link and engraved by Makonde, carver in Nachingwea, in memory of Michael J. D. Nurse who has been an activer member of Stapleford-Nachingwea Link.  To be placed into St Andrew’s Stapleford.

At the top are two hands, one of the whiteman and another of a black/African man, linked together to show the bond of mutual relationship which has been going on for over 30 years now.

The curved like structures on both flanks of the engravement represent the ivory tusks of the elephant, Africa’s largest four-footed, thick skinned animal.

Michael was really big and great in the Stapleford-Nachingwea Link affair.

May Almighty Lord God rest his soul in eternal peace.  Amen”

Toward the end of the service the Bishop encouraged all to say the Grace in Swahili.  Word by word the congregation followed his lead.  All there will remember these words

The Grace in Swahili

Neema ya Bwana wetu Yesu Kristo
Na pendo la Mungu
Na ushirika wa Roho Mtakatifu
Ukea nasi sote sasa na hata milele

Other pictures taken during the service – click on them to see an enlarged version (pictures courtesy of Brian Ellis and Stephen Lee)